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"I have had colon issues for a few years, and tried many different products. Not only colon issues, but heartburn and stomach / cramping problems. I accidentally came across Prosentials in my search for something better, so I ordered one bottle. In my first two days of taking Prosentials, my colon issues seemed normal, this made me very happy. In the next few days, my heartburn faded away, and my cramping had stopped. I was blown away with these results, after suffering for so long. My whole digestive system is happier now, I am so pleased with this product, I will be ordering more, my body thanks Renown Health Products for getting me back on track with my life.”

– Sue B.

“After suffering months with GI and intestinal issues, I consulted my Gastroenterologist. He ran some tests and advised me to take a probiotic supplement. I researched many brands to find a potent, multi-strain formula, and Prosentials stood head and shoulders above even the ones I saw advertised on TV. I take one capsule in the morning every day and it has made a huge difference. I finally have complete relief since using Prosentials. Prosentials has helped my digestive health a great deal. Thank you for such a great product!”

– S. Moore
Oakland MD

“Since taking Prosentials, my constipation is gone! I’m much more regular and my energy level is better. I can once again enjoy the occasional onion dip or red meat without getting intestinal cramps or bad gas. Please send me more!”

– Donna D.,
Middletown, NJ

“After years of digestive discomfort, I knew I had to do something. My gastroenterologist recommended I start taking Prosentials — and I am so glad I did! Now, the bloating, cramps and constipation have disappeared. Thanks, Prosentials!”

– Sherry D.,

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DISCLAIMER: Talk to your doctor or health care provider to determine if Prosentials™ is right for you and is safe to take with your medications. Do not start or stop any prescribed medication or treatment without first consulting your doctor or health care provider.